Beyond Bored

Educational Inspiration that comes to you!

Beyond Bored provides the highest quality educational therapy and tutoring. We create an individualized program for you.  Our success speaks to the strong bonds we create which help students succeed.  We come to you anywhere in the Los Angeles area. 


Educational Services


Test Prep

We work with students facing high stakes standardized tests like APs, SATs or the ISEE exams who need to work on both content and test taking strategies.  This service is highly focused and results driven to ensure the best possible outcome for the student.  



Our highly skilled teachers create a customized program for each student.  Tutoring is for students who have not been successful learning a particular subject in school, or for students who are genuinely interested in learning a specific subject and need a mentor to push them forward and help them learn.  

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Educational Therapy

Combines therapeutic and educational interventions for children with learning challenges of all sorts - academic, emotional, and behavioral.  This is best for children with diagnosed learning disabilities, reading delays, or severe problems in school.


Beyond Bored Builds Brains and Confidence

Success in today's world is more than academic success.  Young people need to learn to become flexible thinkers, problem solvers, and pattern breakers.  Our educational therapy and tutoring services specifically target "thinking skills" that help young people become dynamic thinkers as well as academically successful students.  

Josh Horwatt, Founder, Beyond Bored Educational Services

Josh Horwatt, Founder, Beyond Bored Educational Services


Beyond Bored was founded by Josh Horwatt M.Ed.  and provides the following servies:

  • Educational Therapy

  • Tutoring

  • Cognitive Flexibility and Critical Thinking Training

  • Education Seminars

  • Teacher Training