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In life we carry heavy loads

Unbreakable Boys learn how to push through hardship and challenge.


Sometimes we lack direction

Unbreakable Boys learn how to navigate within their environment so they can navigate themselves through life.


We don’t always get to the top

Unbreakable Boys learn to push past failure so they can taste what success feels like.


Our souls improve one step at a time

Unbreakable Boys rack up accomplishments while learning to think deeply and look inside for answers.


Unbreakable Boys are built by mentors

Fathers, brothers, and mentors come together to lead and guide their boys to manhood.

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Help your son become a man

By allowing him to earn his place through struggle, discipline, strength, and wisdom.

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Unbreakable Boys is a hands-on transformative training program for adolescent boys. It started with my son who was lost, unhappy, and frustrated. The Unbreakable Boys experience is for boys who are in danger of being broken by school, boredom, addiction to video games, entitlement, laziness and their own negative view of themselves. The program designed to create strong paradigms of strength, leadership, and discipline - qualities that every boy craves - through exercises, challenges, and activities that translate to real life. For example, learning to carry a heavy load without complaining is a metaphor for carrying the burdens of manhood (family, career, military service, disappointment, etc) with integrity and grace.

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